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How To Know If You Need Car Repair

Ok, if you’re scratching your head wondering what’s wrong with my car? And the farthest you’ve gotten is to open your glove compartment and search for your car’s handbook, well you’ve come to the right place. Not only does Precise Auto Repairs specialize in car repair, but we also provide a handy little guide to help you learn what kind of repairs you might be in for.

To begin, with we’ll take a look at why you believe you may be experiencing car problems.

Dash Lights

Did a light you’ve never seen before suddenly appear on your dash? Does it say “Maintenance Required?” Or is there a symbol that mildly resembles an oil icon? These simple but, admittedly confusing, lights are indicators that something’s going on with your car. Rather than going to the hardware store and investing in black electrical tape to mask the problem, we suggest that you schedule an appointment with us right away.

Check Engine Light:

The problem with the “Check Engine” light is that it can cover a myriad of problems. From a clogged air filter to an overheated engine, a check engine light is an arbitrary warning that something’s going wrong. It’s like alerting motorists to a broken water main flooding the streets with a tiny little orange rectangle that reads “caution.”

We suggest that when your check engine light comes on schedule an appointment with a repair shop right away. It’s better to be safe with a small repair bill than sorry later on with a large repair bill.

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Braking system-

One component of your car that you should not take lightly is its ability to stop when necessary. Yes, when you experience issues with your braking system it should be addressed immediately.  Let’s say you have a spongy brake pedal, one that hangs low to the floorboard and goes all the way to the floor with very little effort. First of all, this ain’t good.

The reason your brake pedal is going to the floor so easily is that there is air in the brake lines.  This can be caused by a couple of reasons, the most predominant reason is low brake fluid. But, brake fluid doesn’t normally evaporate, so just filling the master cylinder with more fluid, in most cases, doesn’t entirely solve your problem. In many instances, low brake fluid is due to a leak in your braking system somewhere. It could be in the brake lines themselves or the master cylinder.  The other cause of spongy brakes is moisture in your brake fluid. When old brake fluid absorbs water the ability of your system to maintain hydraulic pressure is diminished.  The solution then is usually a brake fluid flush.

  • Brake Repair
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Transmission Repair
  • Diesel Repair
  • European Vehicle Repair
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Hose Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Exhaust Repair

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Transmission Light

If your transmission light comes on there may be more than one reason. Do you hear grinding or feel like your car takes more time than it should when shifting from one gear to another? If so you may need transmission repair. The flip side of that is this, rather than needing a full-blown transmission rebuild or replacement, many times a transmission problem can be solved simply by servicing it with a transmission flush and transmission filter replacement.

Battery Light

When you see a battery indicator light on your dashboard this can mean a few things.  First, in most vehicles on startup, most of these indicator lights will appear. So, don’t let that concern you. However, if after the vehicle has been running for a while and you see the battery light, this indicates that Indicates that your charge is low.

Among other issues that can occur, a lit battery indicator light can mean that either your charging system is not working as it should or that the battery itself has surpassed its useful life. A couple of do-it-yourself measures you can try are to check the battery terminals to ensure that they have a good connection and ensure that your alternator belt is still intact, as these are part of the charging system.

If you experience any automotive repair issues that require the services of automotive repair specialists please call Precise Auto Repairs in Arlington, Texas.