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Where Can You Find Diesel Repair In Arlington?

Precise Auto Repairs in Arlington, Texas is where you can find diesel repair and maintenance for all makes and models of diesel engine cars and trucks. Whether you drive an Audi A3, a BMW 328d, or the Ram-Tough Dodge 1500, with the Cummins 3.0 liter Diesel engine, we have the expertise and equipment to service and repair all your diesel cars and trucks. We are your dealership alternative to high price diesel repair. Protect your investment by keeping your engine’s components in proper working order, including; injection pump, glow plugs, fuel injectors, turbocharger, and more. This will help to not only increase the life of your diesel engine but also maintain the mileage and performance that comes with owning a diesel. You can trust that Mike and the rest of the crew will take care of you and your car, because they’ve been taking care of your friends’ and neighbors’ cars since 1991.

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Does Your Diesel Make Strange Noises?

Since diesel engines are more powerful and produce much more compression than gas-powered vehicles, they are generally louder. But not all noises that come from your diesel powered vehicle should be accepted. Most vehicle owners will notice when strange sounds are coming from their car, as a feeling that something’s just not right. To avoid excessive diesel repair bills in the future, it is a good idea to bring your car or truck to the shop when you hear anything out of the usual. The issue could lie in faulty rods, pistons, valves, low oil level, fuel injectors, or other areas. Our diesel repair technicians We will perform a diagnosis and quickly determine where the sound is coming from. We’ll provide you with our findings, and suggest the best course of action to remedy the problem.


Is Your Diesel Sometimes Hard To Start?

If you are experiencing hard-starting with your diesel there are a number of things that might be the culprit. Because diesel engines are combustion engines and need heat for this process to happen, if your car uses glow plugs, they may need time to warm up before the engine will start. There are many components to a diesel engine, and the internal components need to be lubricated for best performance. If your engine’s oil level is low, or the oil pressure sensor is bad this may keep your car from starting. Other issues may include dirty fuel injectors, a bad fuel pump, or even a dead battery. If you are experiencing hard-starts, or no-starts give Precise Auto Repairs a call. If necessary, we can send a tow truck out to your location and bring you back to our shop to diagnose and repair your car, truck, van, or suv.


Does Your Diesel Powered Vehicle Feel Sluggish?

Most diesel-powered cars and trucks built today come equipped with a turbocharger. Through the use of what’s called forced induction, the turbocharger brings your vehicle’s exhaust air into the combustion chamber, this spins a turbine that brings in outside air and compresses it. With the air compressed, more fuel is allowed to be added to the cylinder, helping your vehicle to burn fuel more efficiently while giving it greater power. If your vehicle is feeling sluggish it might have something to do with the turbocharger. Here are a few signs that your turbocharger might require maintenance. A whining sound as you accelerate, more smoke than usual, and a decrease in power. If you experience any of these, it’s best to bring your car in for early diagnosis to avoid any further damage. Precise Auto Repairs LLC.

Quality Diesel Repair For High-End European Vehicles


Accurate and Dependable Diesel Repair For All Makes & Models

We specialize in high-end European vehicle repairs and maintenance, but our skilled technicians will work on both domestic and foreign cars and trucks. We pride ourselves in the work that we do which results in your cars running great and lasting longer.

We Exceed Your Expectations With Quality Car Repair

Don’t wait until your car problems get worse. Bring it in today for high quality repairs. Our ASE Certified technicians have decades of experience and service in the proper diagnosis and repair of both domestic and foreign cars and trucks. Our goal is to exceed your expecations.

Specializing In High-End European Vehicle Repair

We offer what most repair shops in Arlington Texas do not, expert repair on high-end European Vehicles. Trust Precise for reliable repairs for your Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, and more. Precise Auto Repairs LLC has a track record you can count on.

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